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Preposterous Proposition:
A. For example, saving of legal cost.
MR BARNES: We must object.
Q. Anything else?

Getting Creative:
MR LAURENT: Madam, I am a bit embarrassed because I should have a small note to assist me in the
cross-examination. It's a small note just for my final work this morning but it seems I have mislaid it.
I want to have some time to check with my mother whether she has picked it up during breakfast-time
this morning. I understand it's a bit embarrassing but may I have some, say, ...

Why not just genuflect and be done with it?
Sir, I think I should wind up the submission to his Majesty by addressing a few points for individual
charges which the ...

Going out on a Limb:
Sir, of course, no doubt, rapes are serious offences in the calendar and, something in a lighter note,
rape has been described as an "assault with a friendly weapon" by some of my friends.

Raining Question Marks:
Q. And does your statement read: "I felt that the two of them had been drinking. I answered,
'What? What do you mean "What?"?'"?
A. Yes.

A Happening Thing:
But I do raise the question, did exactly what he say happen in the way that it happened. Perhaps, Sir,
he wasn't able to express himself clearly. Perhaps there are some doubts in the court's mind as to
whether or not what he said happened happened in exactly the way that he said it happened.

What's New?
COURT: No, not necessarily. I can think of one example of supervision in the evidence ... (Counsel
conferring with instructing solicitor)
COURT: Sorry, you're in a hurry?
MR JEFFRIES: Well, unfortunately, we've got a two-day trial beginning tomorrow and I haven't even prepared
the case, and we've got to get back to the office, and it's getting on a bit. And, probably, I have about
55 telephone calls when I get back, which I try and keep my name out of the bar list so people can't ring
me up. But ...

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